Titanium Threadless 3 Bezel CZ & Beads Nipple Bar

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Invictus Titanium with One Side Fixed & One Side Threadless Nipple Barbell with Trio Beads & Bezel Set CZ 3-Cluster Ends

One side of this threadless titanium nipple bar is fixed, and the other side is threadless, which means you could mix and match front-facing tops if inclined. This barbell comes with cubic zirconia surrounded by beads set of ends and stays in place due to pressure from a slight bend in the pin.

The entire Invictus threadless line of tops and bases/pins are interchangeable. Pin Gauge: 25g.

14g. 14mm length.
Top- 12.75mm (L) x 4.6mm (W) x 3.3mm (H)
  • Made of Ti-6AL-4V-ELI ASTM F136 Implant Grade Titanium
  • Invictus Body Jewelry offers a limited lifetime warranty on all of our jewelry. We will immediately replace any damaged or defective pieces of jewelry due to defects in manufacturing or workmanship.