Prong Set CZ Threadless End

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NeoMetal Prong Set CZ Threadless End for ear piercings and more.

1.5mm: Height: 1.5mm, Width: 1.5mm, Depth: 1.3mm

2mm: Height: 2mm, Width: 2mm, Depth: 1.7mm

2.5mm: Height: 2.5mm, Width: 2.5mm, Depth: 2mm

3mm: Height: 3mm, Width: 3mm, Depth: 2.7mm

4mm: Height: 4mm, Width: 4mm, Depth: 2.9mm

5mm: Height: 5mm, Width: 5mm, Depth: 3.4mm

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Titanium ends are machined with a counterbore ensuring a seamless aesthetic, maximizing comfort and minimizing bacterial growth
  • Titanium pieces can be anodized
  • Implant grade Titanium: ISO 9001:2015, ASTFM F-136, and DFARS compliant.
  • NeoMetal products are covered against manufacturer defects. Learn more about our Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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