14K Gold Threadless Double Bezel CZ & Chain Dangle Top (2 colors)

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Invictus 14Kt Gold Threadless Double Bezel Set Round CZ with Dangle Chain Top.

Made of solid 14kt nickel-free Gold with durable 316LVM ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Steel Pin designed to be practical and easy to use. Fits all sizes of pins and bases in our threadless body jewelry line. Pin Size: 0.45mm x 4.7mm

In top CZ size 2.25mm or 3mm.
-Top- 15.6mm (L) x 3mm (W) x 2mm (H) | Gem- 2.25mm top | 2mm bottom
-Top- 16.5mm (L) x 3.9mm (W) x 2.4mm (H) | Gem- 3mm top | 2mm bottom
  • Made of Nickel free 14k gold.
  • Invictus Body Jewelry offers a limited lifetime warranty on all of our jewelry. We will immediately replace any damaged or defective pieces of jewelry due to defects in manufacturing or workmanship.