14K Gold Prong Set CZ /White Opal 3-Cluster Front Facing Clicker

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Invictus 14K Yellow Gold with Prong Set Clear CZ/White Synthetic Opal 3-Cluster Front Facing Hinged Segment Clicker.

Made of solid 14kt nickel-free Yellow Gold. Gem/Opal size: 2mm. The Hinged Segment Clicker offers an easy-to-use design with a minimal seam for an aesthetic that's similar to a segment ring without the stress of dealing with a segment that can get lost. The Hinged Segment Clicker is characterized by the hinged prong that snaps into place with a satisfying click.


Three small clear cubic zirconia sit at the bottom of this 14k gold hinged segment ring, adding some sparkle to the gold ring.

Available in 16g in diameters of 8mm or 10mm.

  • Made of Nickel free 14k yellow gold.