14K Gold Basic Hinged Cliker (3 colors)

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Invictus 14K Gold Basic Hinged Segment Clicker.

The Hinged Segment Clicker offers an easy-to-use design with a minimal seam for an aesthetic that's similar to a segment ring without the stress of dealing with a segment that can get lost. The Hinged Segment Clicker is characterized by the hinged prong that snaps into place with a satisfying click. Perfect for Helix, Septum and Cartilage. Made of solid 14kt nickel-free Gold.

Sometimes simple is the perfect way to go - and clients will love this 14k gold hinged segment ring, which is available in a selection of sizes to suit any piercing placement or nose anatomy.

Available in Yellow, White, and Rose Gold.

In gauges 18g, 16g, and 14g. And diameters 6mm to 12,7mm.

  • Made of Nickel free 14k gold.