Ball Titanium Threaded End

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People's Jewelry Titanium Ball Threaded End.

Available in threading size 16g, 14g, and 12g.

In diameters 2.4mm to 6mm.

Machined out of solid stock Implant Grade Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V-ELI – ASTM F136). All of our beads are machined out of one solid piece of titanium. We do not use press for threading. Resulting in a sturdier hardier piece of jewelry that anodizes more consistently and never pulls out or looses threads.

*Does not include posts, you are purchasing balls/beads only.

** 16g – 3/32″ beads are compatible with Industrial Strength’s circular barbells! However, they are NOT compatible with Anatometal’s circular barbells. **

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Titanium ends are machined with a counterbore ensuring a seamless aesthetic, maximizing comfort and minimizing bacterial growth
  • Titanium pieces can be anodized
  • Implant grade Titanium: ASTFM F-136, US sourced.